“Let Us Take You by The Hand and Walk You Step by Step Through Everything You Need to Know and Do to Lay a Firm Foundation for Your Business and Enable You to Double Your Profits in the Next 52 Weeks!”

Most fitness professionals who start their own businesses have a dream to achieve financial independence, control their destiny, and capitalize on the full return of their personal investment of time, energy, knowledge, and resources.

The problem is that most fitness business owners don’t understand what is required to build a SUCCESSFUL business.

As a result, the bulk of their time, energy, focus, and resources are spent on the wrong things—the kinds of things that do not yield the results required to achieve business success.

Your Streamlined Path to Fitness Business Success

For those trainers and coaches who have experienced this frustration and who haven’t yet built the type of business they want, we’ve developed a solution:

The 52 Week Mentorship

We developed this program because we want even the smallest fitness business to have access to business coaching and enjoy the opportunity to learn the necessary components of building a great business.


Being a Great Trainer or Coach Is NOT Enough


The greatest frustration I feel is when I encounter a fitness business owner who has huge potential for success, but their lack of knowledge around the principles of business success—how to build a successful, sustainable business—is sabotaging their success.

Being a great trainer or coach is the foundation of your business success, but lacking an understanding of business knowledge—how to build a sustainable growth business—will kill even the best fitness professional’s business.

Only $1.93 Per Week

So many fitness business owners believe they don’t have the funds to invest in business coaching. The truth of the matter is you don’t have enough money to NOT invest in business coaching.

For $1.92 per week—about a quarter per day—you can alter the course of your business success!

You’ll learn all the powerful techniques; key business principles, processes, and systems; and planning and business success habits we use to help some of the most successful fitness professionals in the world bring out their absolute best and achieve successive next-level bests in business.

With proven methods for maximizing productivity, dramatically increasing income, and growing your business quickly and sustainably, the “52 Week Mentorship” program will give you the tools and confidence you need to succeed in your business!

This Mentorship program is a breakthrough system for increasing your business profits immediately, despite the economy or your efforts or results to date.

If You’re Serious…

If you are dead serious about achieving financial freedom while building a rock-solid business, then this program is for you. You’ll discover real business growth strategies—your fast-track ticket to achieving more profit faster and easier—and you don’t have to figure it out yourself or do it alone.

Here is what you receive in the 52 Week Mentorship:

52 Fitness Business Mentorship Modules

You’ll get fifty-two (52) weekly cut-to-the-chase modules, each just 10 to 15 minutes. Each module is designed to address a single Big Idea and give you the know how to optimize one area of your business.

These modules are specifically designed to eliminate information overload. You’ll receive your weekly module, watch it, and have one specific way to improve your business. Over 52 weeks, you’ll have completely transformed your business through this simple but effective practice.

12 Issues of Fit Business Insider Prime

Every month, you’ll also receive an issue of FBI Prime, essentially your cheat sheet revealing what’s working now in our businesses and the businesses of the most successful fitness pros in the industry.

You’ll get ideas that are ready to implement, reminders and valuable insight about what will yield the greatest amount of success in the shortest period of time, and real lessons that we’ve learned in our own business-building efforts.

1 Ticket to a Fitness Consulting Group LIVE Event

The most successful fitness professionals we work with ALL attend live events—without exception. With that in mind, you’ll receive one (1) ticket to be used at one of these Fitness Consulting Group events:

  • An Elite Training Workshop
  • Elite Fitness and Performance Summit
  • A One-Day Small Group Coaching Session

This single ticket is worth more than the entire investment in the 52 Week Mentorship, and your attendance at a live event will lock in the lessons you learn throughout the Mentorship program.

Bottom Line: If you enroll in the 52 Week Mentorship, watch the modules, review the issues of FBI Prime, and execute what you learn, I guarantee your business will double, your profits will soar, and you will have developed habits and an understanding of how to continue achieving sustainable, next-level success!


What’s It Worth to You to Have Proven Strategies Delivered to You Each and Every Week?

The 52 Week Mentorship should sell for $500 or more. Real, Substantial Business Growth for $10 a week would be the steal of the century.

But like I mentioned earlier, we developed this program because we want even the smallest fitness business to have access to business coaching and enjoy the opportunity to learn the necessary components of building a great business.

So with that in mind, the 52 Week Mentorship will be offered for just $99.95. Less than $2 per week.


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For $1.92 per week—less than .28 cents per day—you can completely transform your business. Are you ready?

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Dedicated to Your Success,

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Pat Rigsby


P.S. – There is a way for you to literally remove all of you business growth obstacles…

By incorporating the knowledge you’ll gain in the 52 Week Mentorship into your game plan, obstacles you didn’t even know existed will be removed from your path. I can’t tell you how much time and money you’ll save in mistakes NOT made.

Have you ever stopped to think about what the impact would be on your business if you had a mentor to guide your steps towards building your ideal business? What would the impact on your business, your income, and your freedom be if you could get your hands on what is already proven to be working in the industry’s best businesses?

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